Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Peeve

I only have a few minutes before the pandemonium begins, but I wanted to jot something down real quick so you know I am still alive.
I have recently noticed something that I hope is not a trend. I know I am being petty and there are many more important things for me to be up-in-arms about, but this is really ticking me off. I know there was a Women's Lib movement and many small-breasted women burned their bras to show support (pun intended) for equal rights for women. Maybe I am more Southern than I thought. Men, are you listening? Here it comes...


Come on!! I know I can do anything (almost) a man can do, but please open a door for me. It is good manners. Did your mother not teach you manners? I made 3 people, and successfully birthed them, open my door. I could be your mother, sister, daughter, or a stranger. I am a woman, let me off the elevator before you push your way out. If you are on the other side of a glass door at the gas station and you clearly see me coming, open the door for me. DO NOT wait for me to open the door and then push through as if I opened it for you!
Maybe it is because I live in a cold Northern state where chivalry probably never existed. Maybe I should move south again. Maybe we took women's lib too far. My husband says I shouldn't let these little things annoy me. Maybe he's right.
But HE opens the door for me!!!


  1. i cannot vouch for other wisconsinites but i was raised a gentleman and chivalry is what i breathe

  2. I have only one suggestion to your dear readers. Open the door for everyone. Yes, especially for women, but how hard is it to show courtesy for all people that are walking through a door behind you?

  3. Well said, sister!!! My hubby opens the door for me too.

  4. I think it is b/c you are in a Northern State. They are opening doors for women in Tennessee.
    I am producing my own "Southern Gentleman" who is just getting strong enough to open doors (7 yrs)
    His Dad is from Penn. and is not well versed in gentlemanly behavior....