Monday, June 14, 2010


I need a hobby. I need something that I am passionate about and that I enjoy doing. Anyone have any suggestions? Wait. Before you start thinking of things with which I should fill my spare time, I am not crafty. Hate crafts. Poor Abby.
Now, think. There has to be something out there that I am interested in enough to follow through with. Ugh! Can whipping teenagers into shape count as a hobby?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of you know that in March I began working in the Medical ICU. It is different than floating around the hospital and the hours took some getting used to. But all in all I am glad I made the move. It is the opposite week I was working and the hours are from 0800-1400 instead of 0700-1200.
Today I just wanted to let you know that a hospital has rules for the good of the patients. Those rules may or may not inhibit family members visitations. But I need you to know that the rules are there for the sick person, not their family members. We may restrict the number of visitor at a time. This is not done to piss the family off. It is done to keep the commotion in the room to a minimum. We may make you call the unit before you are allowed in. That doesn't mean it is ok to come in behind a doctor or a food tray. Wait your turn and call. You would hate to walk in on your loved one when they are getting their bedpan changed, or worse, having an invasive procedure performed by a group of doctors.
Those of us who work at the hospital say this to each other all the time and now I am passing it along so that maybe the word will get out---the hospital is NOT a hotel. You may not come and hang out with all your family members. You may not cause a disturbance in the halls. You may not visit anytime you want. You are not a customer who always gets their way. Oh, and the bathroms are not all public. Ick.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I just saw a link to my blog and it said I haven't written anything in 3 months. So I thought I would put my two cents worth in. I had a moment of pandemonium today. I pulled my van out of the garage and there was a Tupperware bowl in the spot where my van was parked. Why was there a bowl under my car? Who knows. My life is so weird.

I also wanted to share how sad we are that my niece is moving back to Texas and she is taking her parents with her. I am so thankful we had these last tow months together. I am so glad we did not take it for granted and we felt we needed to get together just about every weekend. However, the down side is that we got used to seeing them and now we are staring down a weekend with NOTHING to do. It will be so lonely without snuggling in my bed, watching a girl show with my monkey. I will miss having a sister so close and I know Micheal will miss his brother. We are hoping and praying that their next move will be a little closer to us than Arp, TX. We had so much fun. but it was so so short.

See, 2 cents. short and sweet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Peeve

I only have a few minutes before the pandemonium begins, but I wanted to jot something down real quick so you know I am still alive.
I have recently noticed something that I hope is not a trend. I know I am being petty and there are many more important things for me to be up-in-arms about, but this is really ticking me off. I know there was a Women's Lib movement and many small-breasted women burned their bras to show support (pun intended) for equal rights for women. Maybe I am more Southern than I thought. Men, are you listening? Here it comes...


Come on!! I know I can do anything (almost) a man can do, but please open a door for me. It is good manners. Did your mother not teach you manners? I made 3 people, and successfully birthed them, open my door. I could be your mother, sister, daughter, or a stranger. I am a woman, let me off the elevator before you push your way out. If you are on the other side of a glass door at the gas station and you clearly see me coming, open the door for me. DO NOT wait for me to open the door and then push through as if I opened it for you!
Maybe it is because I live in a cold Northern state where chivalry probably never existed. Maybe I should move south again. Maybe we took women's lib too far. My husband says I shouldn't let these little things annoy me. Maybe he's right.
But HE opens the door for me!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Gray Lady

This is a Morgan Family Legend. I have never before tried to write it down as it is a story which needs many hand gestures. I am going to try.
One summer day when Abby was just barely 4 I woke up in a sun-filled room with her in my bed. This was very unusual as Abby has always been independent and needed little in the way of comforting. Michael had already left for work and Luke was still sleeping. As we lingered in our half-sleep state I asked her why she was in my bed. She told me very matter-of -fact-ly that she came to my bed in the middle of the night because there was a lady in her room.
We were living in my grandfather's house at the time. Don't tell anyone, but the windows never locked. Her window was on the back of the house so it would have been very easy for someone to break in during the night, or any other time for that matter. As her mother, this is immediately where my thoughts were going. Someone came into her room in the middle of the night and scared her into getting in my bed.
I began to question her as to what she saw, all the while thinking I was about to get up and call the Police. I tried to keep my voice as pleasant and upbeat as I could so as not to lead her into being scared, which she clearly was not. Abby answered my questions in the manner she would answer my motherly questions like what kind of animal is that or what sound does a cow make.
I asked her if she knew the lady that was in her room. She said no. I asked her what she looked like. She said she was gray. I asked if her hair was gray or her clothes were gray and Abby said she was all gray. Was she fat or thin? She was normal. What did her hair look like? Abby said her hair was short and sticking up. She really just held up her hair to show me that her hair was sticking up. Abby had recently cut off all of her hair and it was still very short. I asked what the lady with the short hair sticking up was doing. Abby said she was standing in an "X". Huh? Abby stood up and held her arms and legs out to make the shape of an "X". Oh. I asked if the lady was looking at Abby and she told me that the lady was facing the wall. Somewhere in that part of the conversation she told me the lady was standing in front of Abby's bookcase. And Abby could see the bookcase THROUGH her!
So I am still thinking this is a real person in my daughter's room in the middle of the night. Very casually I asked how this lady got into her room. She lazily answered that she came in through the window. Just as I thought. I am calling 911. I told Abby that her window was closed and no one could have gotten in. She said the lady didn't have to open the window. She was soft. What do you mean soft? At this point Abby thumped on her chest to show me. "I'm hard. But she was soft so she went through the window."
Now I understood. She literally came through the window. THROUGH THE WINDOW!!! My heart was beating fast. My stomach was in my throat. I start to quickly think of family members who may haunt us. No one, to my knowledge, ever died in the house, around the house, or while living in the house. I could think of no one fitting the description. So we probably didn't know her. Now I had to act normal and calm to my daughter.
What did you do when you saw her? Abby said she closed her eyes tight and then opened them and she was still there, standing in an "X" with her back to Abby. So Abby hid under the covers and then looked out and she was gone. That is when Abby got out of bed and ran down the hall to my room.
That was it. She spoke to me as she would if she were telling me about a show on TV or a friend in the neighborhood. She did not seem scared or nervous in the least. So I nonchalantly told her it was time to get out of bed and have breakfast and that is what we did. I stopped talking to her about it because I was trying very hard not to inject any of my thoughts into her story. I wanted her to remember the incident as she did so she could tell Michael without any prompting from me.
About mid-morning he called to see how we were doing. I told him to talk to Abby and ask her why she was in bed with us. I briefly told him the story so he could ask some of the same questions to see if she kept to her story. I was thinking that if she made it up or dreamed it, maybe the facts would change a bit in the retelling. Besides, it was hours since she had talked about it to me and she was only 4. How would she be able to remember a lie for that long?
Nope. The facts were the same. The details remained. She even put the phone down to "show" Daddy how the lady's hair looked. She still seemed careless and innocent. When she was done telling her story, I took the phone into another room. Her father and I had chills. She had been in Abby's room, she was transparent, she was "soft". She stood in an "X" with her back to Abby. She stayed even after Abby blinked, and only left after Abby hid from her.
I never told Abby what I thought she saw. I made a point to not share any opinions about her Gray Lady. I actually tried to stay away from the subject all day. Later in the afternoon, before Michael came home from work, we were playing and out of the blue Abby said she didn't want to sleep in her room anymore. I asked why. She loved her room and her big-girl bed. She said she didn't want to sleep in her room anymore because she is afraid of ghosts. That was it. That was all she said. She didn't say the Gray lady was a ghost. That word had not been uttered by anyone all day. She just knew it, I guess. Her little 4 year old mind just knew exactly what the Gray Lady was without anyone telling her. And she still did not act scared or even like she understood the impact of what she was saying. Just like the cow says Moo, the Gray Lady was a ghost.
When Michael came home from work, he took her into his lap and started asking her about what she saw again. I think we were still trying to find holes in her story. There were none to be found. She answered the questions exactly the same way as she did the first time they were asked. Truth be told, I think she was getting bored with the subject. Abby did not let her Daddy ask all of the questions this time as she had toys to play with and books to read. After she showed him the shape of the "X", and held her hair up like the Lady's hair, she left the room. That is when I told him that Abby called the Lady a ghost. His first thought was that I had said ghost to her sometime during the day. I assured him that I made a point to NOT say that word. We got chills again.
So as I said before, Abby has always been very independent. She decided to sleep in her room again that night. She stayed in her bed all night and the Gray Lady never came back. But Abby still remembers her. We all do.
I was telling this story to someone many years ago and she said that maybe it wasn't a ghost at all. Maybe the Gray Lady was an angel. Maybe she was standing in that position to block something from seeing or hurting Abby. I love that idea. I want that to be what the Gray Lady was. A guardian angel for my precious baby.

But that is not what Abby said, is it?
She said ghost

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know that up until now I have tried to keep things lighthearted and carefree, but today I am not feeling that way at all. Yesterday we got some bad news and then we got some really bad news and I am worried, scared, concerned, and really stressed. Most of the stress comes from not being able to control anything that is going on. I hate that. Yes, I'm a control freak, and I admit it.

First, the bad news. Harley is laying off 1100 people. They are closing 2 plants in the Milwaukee area. At least half of the lay offs will be here. Everyone here knows people who work at Harley. We all have friends who work there. One of our best friends works there. He has been there a few years, but at Harley that puts him down at the bottom of the totem pole. Most people that work there have been there for many many years. He hasn't heard yet about when or even if he will be let go, but I am so worried about it. I'm sure they are very worried, too. We just love that family and would not want this hardship to fall on them. We are sending good thoughts and prayers over to Pewaukee.

Then the really bad news. Someone very close to my husband was let go from his employer yesterday. That man's family has had a very recent death and then he had to go home and tell his family that he was asked to resign. I feel so much for them right now. He was pretty high up the food chain and we all know it is hard to find a job right now, let alone one in upper management. We are hoping he got some sort of severance package to keep his family afloat until something good happens for them.

Why is this really bad news for us? It is possibly too early for me to say anything, but it could mean change for our family is in the future. Change for some of us is exciting and new, but it also has a scary and unknown side. We feel pretty settled down here and my children feel this is home and no where else will do, but change is coming. We can almost feel it.

Not to mention we have recently received our statements from our investments for the last quarter of 2008. We have lost THOUSANDS of dollars. I know all of you have too, but to actually see it on paper is so disheartening. We have time before retirement to make it up and I am hopeful that our stock market will rebound. I keep reminding myself that after the Great Depression in the 1930's came the affluence of the 1950's. There is always hope.

So I will try to remain upbeat. I will keep plugging away at raising my children to be happy, independent adults. I will remain dedicated to my husband and try to keep him from falling into a cycle of worry and fear of the unknown. That is about all I can control at this point and I will have to make that enough. I'm sure you are all feeling the crunch, also. If we can just hang in there, I know it will be over soon.
There is my hope.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

February is Broken Bone Month

February is coming and as a mother of Isaac Daniel Morgan I am apprehensive, to say the least.
Two years ago, in February, we were at the mall for a fund raiser for Children's Hospital. Michael took Isaac to the Food Court to get something to eat. He was 3, almost 4, and he was kneeling in the chair with his feet through the space at the bottom of the back of the chair. Well, it fell over and the chair came down HARD on his little foot. He cried and they put ice on it, but he calmed down and seemed to be OK. He had a bump on his foot, but we thought it was just swollen and the swelling would go down in a day or so.
Well, the next day we found out he had pneumonia. This was the second time he had it in 5 months. He got pretty sick, but we put him on a regimen of antibiotics and inhalers (yes, more than one) and in about a week he seemed to be doing better. They started slipping in the word "asthma" every once in a while, but no one would come right out and say that is what he had. Finally we saw one of the older Md's in the practice who told me outright that Isaac has asthma now and until further notice would be treated for it. That was pretty shocking to me since he has been so healthy otherwise.
So he was feeling better and wanted to leave the house for a bit one day. So, for the first time in about a week, I tried to put a shoe on him. Keep in mind that he had been walking and sometimes running while he was sick. When I tried the shoe he said it hurt. I took off his sock and the bump in his foot from the fall was still there.
We went straight to the Dr. who sent us to Children's for x-ray. that is when we found out he had broken a bone in his right foot. I felt HORRIBLE!! We went upstairs to the orthopedist to get it looked at and maybe get a cast. They not only said he needed a cast, but they said he probably didn't need it too long since "it had been healing for 12 days before you brought him in". Oh my goodness. I thought they would call social services to take him away from me right then and there.
They put a cast on him from toes to below knee. He thought it was cool and my heart was broken. It hurt a little, but not as much as me trying to put a shoe on him.
After a couple of weeks, we went back to have the cast taken off. They x-rayed him again and it was not healed yet so they put another cast on. After a few more weeks, he got the cast off, but was sent home with a boot to wear at all times. You could always tell when he was coming down the hall--step-thump-step-thump.

So other than treating him for the asthma, we had a pretty calm year. Then last February we were at a friend's house and Isaac and their little boy, Alex were playing in the Living Room. Suddenly Alex came running in to us and said he thought Isaac was hurt. We went to Isaac, who hides when he is hurt or angry, and had to pull him out of his hiding spot. He was clutching his foot and crying. We put ice on it and I held him tight. I knew it was broken. I just knew it. Michael said we should wait until morning and see how he felt. He was now 4, almost 5.
We went to the Dr who sent us to xray where they found he had broken 4 bones in his left foot. He jumped from a landing that was up 5 steps onto a slick tile floor. He must have landed on his foot sideways because the fractures were, I think they said, compression fractures.
So I had to take him upstairs again and get another cast on. We saw the same doctors and cast people and they all remembered us from the last time we got a cast. I was a bit embarrassed, but at least I didn't wait 12 days this time.
He had his cast on for a few weeks this time and then had to wear a boot for a few weeks.
Here it is a year later and we know that something is brewing. I hope nothing really bad happens. I am nervous and if I start to think about it, I get scared. When we see him doing something a little dangerous we tell him to stop it because it is not February yet. And I took him to the DR. Monday of this week for a rash and I told him we would most likely see him next month. Just prepare yourself for the worst and be happy if nothing happens. Just in case you are worried, there is nothing wrong with his bones, just his judgement.