Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of you know that in March I began working in the Medical ICU. It is different than floating around the hospital and the hours took some getting used to. But all in all I am glad I made the move. It is the opposite week I was working and the hours are from 0800-1400 instead of 0700-1200.
Today I just wanted to let you know that a hospital has rules for the good of the patients. Those rules may or may not inhibit family members visitations. But I need you to know that the rules are there for the sick person, not their family members. We may restrict the number of visitor at a time. This is not done to piss the family off. It is done to keep the commotion in the room to a minimum. We may make you call the unit before you are allowed in. That doesn't mean it is ok to come in behind a doctor or a food tray. Wait your turn and call. You would hate to walk in on your loved one when they are getting their bedpan changed, or worse, having an invasive procedure performed by a group of doctors.
Those of us who work at the hospital say this to each other all the time and now I am passing it along so that maybe the word will get out---the hospital is NOT a hotel. You may not come and hang out with all your family members. You may not cause a disturbance in the halls. You may not visit anytime you want. You are not a customer who always gets their way. Oh, and the bathroms are not all public. Ick.

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  1. So, you had "one of those days", huh? I totally understand. In Labor and Delivery, some families think it is a "spectator sport"! Seriously! Hello, your loved one has there "you know what" sticking out for the all to see, trying to push a baby out. You DO NOT need to see your 2nd cousin/ half removed's twat@!!#@#$!!!
    I'm just sayin'.
    Thanks for sharing, Steph. :-)