Wednesday, January 21, 2009

February is Broken Bone Month

February is coming and as a mother of Isaac Daniel Morgan I am apprehensive, to say the least.
Two years ago, in February, we were at the mall for a fund raiser for Children's Hospital. Michael took Isaac to the Food Court to get something to eat. He was 3, almost 4, and he was kneeling in the chair with his feet through the space at the bottom of the back of the chair. Well, it fell over and the chair came down HARD on his little foot. He cried and they put ice on it, but he calmed down and seemed to be OK. He had a bump on his foot, but we thought it was just swollen and the swelling would go down in a day or so.
Well, the next day we found out he had pneumonia. This was the second time he had it in 5 months. He got pretty sick, but we put him on a regimen of antibiotics and inhalers (yes, more than one) and in about a week he seemed to be doing better. They started slipping in the word "asthma" every once in a while, but no one would come right out and say that is what he had. Finally we saw one of the older Md's in the practice who told me outright that Isaac has asthma now and until further notice would be treated for it. That was pretty shocking to me since he has been so healthy otherwise.
So he was feeling better and wanted to leave the house for a bit one day. So, for the first time in about a week, I tried to put a shoe on him. Keep in mind that he had been walking and sometimes running while he was sick. When I tried the shoe he said it hurt. I took off his sock and the bump in his foot from the fall was still there.
We went straight to the Dr. who sent us to Children's for x-ray. that is when we found out he had broken a bone in his right foot. I felt HORRIBLE!! We went upstairs to the orthopedist to get it looked at and maybe get a cast. They not only said he needed a cast, but they said he probably didn't need it too long since "it had been healing for 12 days before you brought him in". Oh my goodness. I thought they would call social services to take him away from me right then and there.
They put a cast on him from toes to below knee. He thought it was cool and my heart was broken. It hurt a little, but not as much as me trying to put a shoe on him.
After a couple of weeks, we went back to have the cast taken off. They x-rayed him again and it was not healed yet so they put another cast on. After a few more weeks, he got the cast off, but was sent home with a boot to wear at all times. You could always tell when he was coming down the hall--step-thump-step-thump.

So other than treating him for the asthma, we had a pretty calm year. Then last February we were at a friend's house and Isaac and their little boy, Alex were playing in the Living Room. Suddenly Alex came running in to us and said he thought Isaac was hurt. We went to Isaac, who hides when he is hurt or angry, and had to pull him out of his hiding spot. He was clutching his foot and crying. We put ice on it and I held him tight. I knew it was broken. I just knew it. Michael said we should wait until morning and see how he felt. He was now 4, almost 5.
We went to the Dr who sent us to xray where they found he had broken 4 bones in his left foot. He jumped from a landing that was up 5 steps onto a slick tile floor. He must have landed on his foot sideways because the fractures were, I think they said, compression fractures.
So I had to take him upstairs again and get another cast on. We saw the same doctors and cast people and they all remembered us from the last time we got a cast. I was a bit embarrassed, but at least I didn't wait 12 days this time.
He had his cast on for a few weeks this time and then had to wear a boot for a few weeks.
Here it is a year later and we know that something is brewing. I hope nothing really bad happens. I am nervous and if I start to think about it, I get scared. When we see him doing something a little dangerous we tell him to stop it because it is not February yet. And I took him to the DR. Monday of this week for a rash and I told him we would most likely see him next month. Just prepare yourself for the worst and be happy if nothing happens. Just in case you are worried, there is nothing wrong with his bones, just his judgement.

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  1. Well, maybe this year will be different..... I am praying!!1